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Ever wondered why your car consumes more fuel from time to time? Or how the way you drive can affect fuel economy? So many tips and tricks can help you improve gas millage (fuel consumption), but you don't need to worry about them with us. You just need to follow one simple rule:


► Requirements:

1. OBD II reader, connected to your car.

2. Torque Pro app, pre installed on your android device. This plugin only works together with Torque Pro app.

► Available Units: MPG, Imperial MPG, L/100KM, Km/L

► Notes:

1. App starts showing graphs a few seconds after your vehicle starts moving.

2. Three methods are embedded in the app to calculate mileage/fuel consumption. Try to change the method if it doesn't respond or the numbers are inaccurate. It is common for some vehicles to report slightly different numbers on different methods. Some cars might not support one or two method at all.

3. Set "Fuel Type", "Engine Displacement" and "Volumetric Efficiency" in your car profile.

4. On devices without menu button, touch anywhere on the screen and hold for 2 seconds. Menu pops up.

<b>✮ Polite Note ✮</b> In case you have encountered a problem please kindly contact us first, before give us a low rate.

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